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Learn The Skills You Need To Get Paid To Write From Home And Enjoy The Process Of Creating High Quality Articles

This course covers how to write six popular and saleable nonfiction article forms, as well as how to warm up to write your best articles and how to polish the articles you draft. You will learn how to get into print sooner, rather than later, without pulling all-nighters or paying a fortune in babysitter fees. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working dad, or just a busy person, you will learn how to create short, easy-to-write freelance articles—a skill that will make it easier to work your way up to longer, more time-consuming freelance articles (like features, profiles, and even a book) when you are ready.

10 Ways To Write More Prolifically So You Can Create Nonfiction Content That Delights Editors And Readers

This course covers how to warm-up to write, brainstorm ideas, and draft articles quickly and creatively, so you will be the inspired writer who delivers articles that stand out in an editor's inbox. You will awaken your natural writing instincts and teach you to write quickly and gamely instead of agonizing over every word. Best of all, every time you write, you will remember why you wanted to become a writer in the first place. Get ready to learn how to turn one idea into ten different types of articles without stress or strain. This writing class is helpful for both beginning writers as well as for experienced freelancers with any amount of prior experience.

Build A Business Offering Your Words To Editors Who Are Eager To Buy Your Work & Pay You For It

This course simplifies selling articles and breaks selling down in ways that make it totally manageable. Even if you've been successfully selling articles for a long time, you will learn new skills that will help increase your profits right away. Those who are new to selling articles will appreciate how this course lowers the barriers to entry and helps you impress editors right out of the gate. Not only will you learn how to move beyond your own fears and anxieties about selling, you will also learn how to discover your professional strengths and preferences, so you can go from being unpublished to being widely published as quickly as possible.

Never Be Confused About Platform Again! Learn The 5 Keys To Global Business Branding That Help Any Professional Prosper

This course will help you understand, once and for all, what platform means and how it indelibly affects your businesses productivity and prosperity. I will talk you through five colorful and entertaining short videos and offer you five downloadable worksheets to help you identify and leverage your platform strengths. We are living in an increasingly global economy and the size, scope, depth and breadth of your platform impacts your prosperity on a daily basis. And because your platform success today affects your business profits tomorrow, no intelligent professional can really afford to ignore platform altogether. Before you turn platform decision-making over to anyone else, I hope you will take this course and see just how easy and attainable platform progress can be.

24 Key Questions You Can Answer Using My Platform Bingo Method So You Can Build A More Prosperous Career.

This quick and helpful platform workout will help any type of writer get ready to build and sustain a clear, recognizable online presence in just 24 short assignments. These assignments have two components each: a video component and a written component. Unlike other platform programs that cost a fortune and cover so much material that you could never make a dent in all the work presented, 24 Questions is designed to ask you one simple question about your writing career at a time, so you can learn what makes your writer platform tick. Just sit back, relax, and answer each question at your own pace. You can take this class in one sitting or stretch it out into any amount of time you like. By the time you are done, you will uncover your greatest strengths as a writer.

Learn To Draft, Edit & Polish Bios In 30 Minutes That Convert Online Connections Into Paying Clients & Career-long Fans

I bet you are sincere, motivated, and hard-working. I am, too! And so are thousands of other folks who offer their products and services online every day. If you are tired of working hard and getting little in return, maybe it's time to build a better bio for your business. In fact, let's upgrade all of your online bios including your one-page bio, your one-paragraph bio, and your social media bios, while we're at it. Even if you have been in business for many years and think your bios work well already, you can likely make them better. I will walk you through 30-minutes of video instruction and then you can use the six downloadable worksheets that come with this class any time you like to build a bio that will set you apart from the crowd. In this course, I have made it easy for you to condense your one-page bio into a one-paragraph bio and to leverage your one-paragraph bio into eight social media platform bios. This course contains a bonus checklist for editing your bio like a seasoned pro.

Use Inspiration From Holiday Movies To Compose Fiction And Nonfiction Stories From Concept To Completion

Why can't writing a holiday story be as pleasurable as watching a holiday film? It should be! Whether you already have an idea or not, this course will take you by the hand, walk you though a wonderland of ideas, and help you find the technique and discipline to draft a story and polish it — one compelling moment at a time. This course, by veteran writing coach Christina Katz, walks you through the steps from holiday story concept to completion so you can pen your own unique tales. This course will help you put your writing through the paces, so you can polish your piece and even submit it for publication, if this is your goal. By watching holiday films, you can learn important lessons about writing holiday stories. You can start developing your ability to see the story you want to tell in your mind’s eye, whether it is a fictional tale or a true story. By applying story-writing techniques you learn in this course, you will take your ideas from concept to completion.

Banish negative thinking once and for all and learn to create a life you love!

For over a decade and a half, author, journalist and coach Christina Katz has been writing personal development articles that have uplifted thousands of readers. After taking this class, you will tap into an increasing flow of joy you may not have known was possible. Once you take this class and practice the techniques, you will understand the connection between joy and your life path. Let go of the idea that your joy is outside of you and uncover the power of joy flowing through you. Let the joy you uncover today lead you like a series of clues to a more joyful future. Join Christina Katz is making the world a better place by committing to a personal practice of more joy now. Together we can make the world a brighter place.

Reset your writing career success today with inspiring tips and worksheets from Christina Katz!

Do you ever wish for the support of a knowledgeable writer-friend cheering you on in your career? Sometimes a writer just needs more encouragement to set and reach goals that really matter. This course represents the best goal-setting advice gleaned from pep talks Christina gave over an 18-month period. Find out how you can become your biggest cheerleader simply by changing the way you think about setting and reaching career goals. Writing success isn’t about seeking external approval; it’s about approving of yourself. And then you can make healthy, wealthy, and wise choices that nurture your creativity. As soon as you make the shift from being externally focused to being internally focused, the magic starts to happen. So what are you waiting for? This is your year to build the writing career you've always wanted.

Create a home that expresses the current and authentic you!

Are you tired of feeling like your current home does not reflect the creative person you are today? This course contains invitations to use your home as a mirror of what you long to express. Since you do the exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home, there is low emotional risk and high creative return. The exercises are simple, yet evocative and will not only get you daydreaming about what you might create next but also taking action and finding your creative flow. Get up to date with yourself and your emerging passions without leaving the house. Expressive At Home will show you how to become a happier you so you can feel more powerful in all areas of your life. Because when your home reflects the real you, everything else falls into place more easily.

Enjoy Crafting Polished Prose Until It’s Publication-ready!

Do you often feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the so-called rules of essay writing? Then you will be happy to hear that this class is about making essay writing easier and more enjoyable. In this course, Christina Katz provides a fresh point of view that will help you relish storytelling rather than getting stuck in the usual perfectionist pitfalls. You’ll learn a more thoughtful approach to essay writing that breaks the nonfiction prose process down into manageable baby steps with plenty of tips to improve the quality of your writing every step of the way. This course covers key concepts like identifying your most compelling ideas, embracing crisis rather than avoiding it, crafting readable, fully-rendered scenes, four methods of polishing drafts for submission and much more. Effortless Essay Writing takes the edge off of crafting essays so you can thoroughly enjoy the process from start to finish. Take this course if you are ready to dive deeply into the art of essay writing. You will be so glad you did!

Gain Self-awareness & Write Better After Completing Five Essays!

If you have ever wished someone would give you a bunch of essay assignments and walk you through each one so you could submit more essays for publication, then you will love All About You, Five Personal Essay Writing Assignments. This course contains compelling writing assignments with built-in lessons to boost your professional writing techniques, so you can learn as you write. As you brainstorm, draft and polish each essay, you will become savvier about essay writing in general and about writing stories from your unique point of view specifically. This course contains five deeply enjoyable essay writing assignments including the Where I Come From Essay, the What I Am Passionate About Essay, the Ouch That Hurt Essay, the This I Believe Essay and the Emotional Collage Essay. All About You helps you stop apologizing for wanting to name and claim your unique point of view, which is good since your unique perspective is at the root of crafting lasting art. Do you long to write more freely, deeply and consciously? Then take this course and walk away with more essay writing ideas than you have ever accumulated before!