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For your convenience, commonly asked questions are answered right here.

This page is continually updated but if you are not finding what you want, please shoot me a quick email using my Contact Me page.

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Q: I don’t see the class I wanted to take in your course directory? Will you be offering more courses in your school that are not listed?

Yes, thanks for asking. I am continually developing and adding courses to my school. If you are looking for something specific or have a request, please contact me and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Q: Are you logged out of your account and trying to access a course you already purchased?

Go to this page and log back in:

If you forget your password, I can help you generate another, just send me your username using the contact form and I’ll take it from there.


Q: I am hoping to work with you directly. What can you offer me?

I totally understand how some students prefer independent learning and other students prefer working with a veteran instructor. Naturally, there are benefits to working with an instructor, and you are welcome to sign up for additional instructor services right here. My courses are designed to be comprehensive on each topic, however, if you want more support, please register below:

$50 Instructor Support (Courses Only, Not Challenges):

One month of instructor support in one registered course (you send instructor weekly update on your progress, get your questions answered, and check off lessons as you complete them)

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$50 Red-line (Courses Only, Not Challenges):

One round of red-lines for one 1,000-word or less article, essay or story (register when draft in registered course is ready for review, I will provide feedback within one week)

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$75 Red-line (Courses Only, Not Challenges):

Two rounds of red-lines for one 1,000-word or less article essay or story (register when draft in registered course is ready for review, I will provide feedback within one week, one week time limit to make your revisions, then second instructor response within one week)

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$10/month Monthly Coaching Support (Open To Everyone):

Ongoing Writing Career Support: Become Your Own Writing Coach Group


Phone Consulting For Platform Planning Discussion Or Existing Platform Review (Open To Every Level Writer):

One-hour phone consult or half-hour phone consult



Q: Some education platforms say I can take a course indefinitely. But when I sign up for your courses here, there is a time limit. What’s up with that?

I’ve always enjoyed teaching motivated writers most and this is still the case. I have always been result-driven as an instructor. My courses deliver results for engaged, motivated students, but only if you take the course, do the work, and apply what you learn to your professional practices. So to my mind, purchasing writing courses and letting them sit on the shelf until you forget you even signed up for them, doesn’t fit with my results-focused approach.

I am an individual, not a corporation, and I don’t want to promise anything I can’t guarantee I can deliver in the future. I pay monthly fees to host classes and I don’t feel comfortable promising to pay those bills forever. Keeping my courses on a shorter time frame also means I can charge less for them.

Every student gets four months to take a course, which is more than ample to learn and incorporate the lessons presented. Most of my courses can can be completed within a day or a week for ambitious learners. Students may download, keep and reuse all of their worksheets. As always, my courses are for personal use only and not to be shared with others or leveraged within groups in any way. Meanwhile, watch or listen to the videos as many times as you wish before your course expires.


Q: Online courses vary greatly in scope and tone. How would you summarize your approach to teaching online courses?

I believe that every single person on earth is a fountain of creative good. All of my work is focused on evoking each writer’s unique point of view, interests, and creative self-expression. I believe who you are and what you are interested in is what you are supposed to be writing about. I sell this type of writing to editors on an ongoing basis and enjoy teaching others how to do it.

Some folks try to imitate my work but they cannot because my approach is totally unique and constantly evolving. I have always been something of a gentle taskmaster in my teaching approach and this has not changed. Writers come to me for assistance learning or executing tasks they might not understand on their own, and I am seasoned at helping them follow through on a wide-range of professional processes.

What makes my teaching different from other approaches is that I don’t abandon the individual in the process of writing. I don’t focus on pleasing others. Instead I focus on the writer pleasing herself. You might say that I teach the joy of writing for publication rather than the old-school approach of martyr yourself to get published.

My courses are very focused on the subject matter they cover. So if you want to learn as much as possible from a total pro in the shortest amount of time, I think you will appreciate my classes and my approach.


Q: I don’t see a way to rate a course or add a testimonial upon completion of a course. Do you still care about these things?

Testimonials are always welcome. You can use the “Contact” feature to send me your testimonial once you complete a course. If you are ever dissatisfied with a course for any reason, please contact me and let me know.

I don’t have a rating system for my courses and I’m not sure this is a feature I need since all my offerings are extremely professional. When I did use the rating system for my video courses, my average rating was 4.83 out of 5 with seven courses and 245 students from 16 countries. However, if you ever encounter so much as a typo in my classes, please let me know and I will make an immediate correction.


Q: Why did you move some of your courses off Udemy?

A: On March 3, 2016, Udemy abruptly changed the policies in their instructor agreement. In order to take the best possible care of my courses and my students, I moved many of my former Udemy courses here. Then on August 1, 2016, Udemy issued another policy ultimatum. It was at that point that I realized that I could no longer work with a partner that was going to continually be issuing ultimatums.

All of the folks signed up for these courses on Udemy prior to August 19, 2016 still have access to them via Udemy. However, if you have any questions regarding your courses, I suggest contacting me directly as I am no longer affiliated with Udemy.

Students who signed up for courses on Udemy are welcome to sign up for courses with me here. I will not be posting any more of my classes on any external sites. Going forward, all new courses will be posted here in my online school.


Q: How does your new classroom interface compare with the Udemy interface?

My new classroom is amazingly simple to use. You become a member of my school when you register for a class (of course I will never share or sell your contact info). Once you start a class, the process is extremely focused and straightforward. One of the things I love about my new school is the lack of distractions, which just helps you better focus on learning. Here’s what you can do in my classroom:

  • Track your progress in a class: check off lessons as you go and your progress bars are in the footer of every page
  • Contact the instructor: your navigation dashboard is always showing as you take classes, just click on the “contact” tab to reach me if you have a question
  • Download PDF worksheets: I have streamlined this process in my online classroom so that your worksheets appear right above your video on the very same page (no more hunting around for worksheets)
  • Everything you need is always right in front of you: no more confusing tabs or searching for what you need, the only buttons you will ever need to press are the “Mark Lesson Complete” and the “Next” buttons as you work your way through each class
  • Because my courses last a limited amount of time, you don’t have to worry about barrages of emails from Udemy or time-sensitive ultimatums: you will only receive emails from me if you choose to stay signed up for my ezine, The Prosperous Creative. You will be automatically subscribed when you join a course. If you no longer wish to hear from me, you can simply unsubscribe.