You will often hear me say that my students rock — because it’s true!

Here’s what recent students have said about working with me.

I have to say this is one of the most comprehensive and best structured courses on article writing I have ever taken and I have been published professionally over 720 times. This course is well worth the money….Congratulations! — Bill Cornell on The Art Of Short Article Writing

I have learned more in this course than I have in all of the writing books I have on my shelf – and I have plenty. Christina is clear, detailed and easy to follow. The worksheets follow the lesson and make writing the articles easier… I would advise anyone, a newbie or experienced writer to take this course. — Mary Ellen Carmody on Become An Article Idea Factory

This class definitely delivers! With each lecture I found new ideas coming to mind for articles. Already I have one article that I absolutely love that I’ll be sending out soon that came from this course. And I can’t wait to work on the other ones. Christina Katz is a great writing coach. Anyone wanting information and inspiration to write more articles would benefit from this course. — Lara Krupicka on Become An Article Idea Factory

While I’ve taken Christina’s classes in the past and already know what a terrific instructor she is, I was excited to take this class as a refresher at my own pace. And no surprise, I still picked up new tips and ideas. I’m re-energized and can’t wait to get back in and start playing with my new article ideas. I highly recommend this course to anyone, whether you are wanting to break into writing or simply need to break out of a rut in your writing. — Christa Melnyk Hines on Become An Article Idea Factory


Power Up Your Platform Like a Pro makes the whole mystifying platform concept understandable. Although we would all like to have fame and success overnight, Katz encourages us that a solid writer or business platform can be built incrementally through quality work and serving our readers and customers. The course offers basic principles in building a platform, plus specific ways to reach your target audience. I especially appreciated her outline of 7 Qualities of a Successful Platform. I came away from Power Up Your Platform Like a Pro encouraged and motivated. — Sharla Fritz on Power Up Your Platform Like A Pro

As a busy mom, I appreciated that I could finish this course in my own time. Christina is an engaging knowledgeable course instructor and when I was done with the course, I was brimming with ideas and excited to take the next one! — Ruth Hanley on Power Up Your Platform Like A Pro

Platform building is essential to success, but also daunting without the proper guidance. Christina provides that guidance through the course lectures and helpful worksheets. Building a solid platform takes work and Christina helps students focus on what’s important, so that hard work isn’t wasted. Thanks Christina! — Janine Queenin on Power Up Your Platform Like A Pro

My experience taking the Writer Platform Success was like a breath of fresh air from the standard online courses, the format was easy and the content was great. It felt sort of like a short writer’s retreat. I really enjoyed the flow of this class it was straightforward and not complicated at all. In fact, I felt my mindset shift from overwhelm to I could do this platform stuff. I enjoyed it very much. — Casandra McCottrell on Writer Platform Success

Developing a professional writing platform involves a lot of steps, many small but crucial pieces that fit into the overall puzzle that creates success. Katz’s class walks writers through each of those steps and helps them be clear about what they offer, who they offer it to, and how they can better communicate that. I found the lessons easy to take in increments, so it fit into my schedule without me having to set aside one big chunk of time. — Cindy Hudson on Writer Platform Success

I loved the way the content was presented, too. The illustrations Christina used were a clever way to amplify what she was saying without being too complicated. The “low-tech” way she presented them was fun and effective, and more interesting than watching a slick slide show. This class provided an opportunity to refresh my approach to my work/identity in a convenient, affordable, but still challenging way. I highly recommend it! — Marianne Peters on Build A Better Bio

Even though I’m a writer and editor, writing my bio has always been a struggle for me. Christina gave me the confidence and the step-by-step tools I needed to build a better bio without all the angst. I highly recommend this course! — Mary Jo Tate on Build A Better Bio

I love writing, just not about myself. Christina walks you through the process so you end up with a complete, thorough and engaging bio. The bonus worksheet on leveraging your bio on different social media platforms offers a good explanation for social media newbies. — Lisa Seplak on Build A Better Bio

Writing a book synopsis for my novel frustrated me to actual tears–writing my personal bio was even more daunting. But then, I took Christina Katz’s class, Build a Better Bio to Market Yourself Easily Day & Night, and voila, she has helped me pull my bio into shape in just a few easy lessons. The worksheets and presentation style were easy to use, powerful tools in mining my entire life for the nuggets that told my story–and no tears. I highly recommend Christina’s class to anyone who is overwhelmed by the awkward undertaking of bio writing. — Mindy Halleck on Build A Better Bio

I have worked with Christina many times over the past three years, and I keep coming back for more because I always walk away feeling enlightened and excited to put my new knowledge to work. Build a Better Bio lives up to Christina’s professional promise, taking a topic that is important, but overwhelming, and turning it into a clear process. By the time you have completed the activities, you will have a bio that represents you well, and you will understand how to make it work for you in many networking platforms. — Laurie Zottmann on Build A Better Bio

By walking you through the process step by step and allowing time for you to pause and do the exercises, Christina takes the intimidation factor down. She is encouraging and makes a great business case for the importance of the bio in today’s world. I love how it applies to people in any field. — Sue LeBreton on Build A Better Bio

I loved taking Build a Better Bio. The information was clear, succinct and quick to comprehend. The handouts were beneficial. Christina is encouraging and engaging. Well worth your time to take and the opportunity to improve the way you write your bio. — Jean Wise on Build A Better Bio

I love the way Christina is teaching this course. English isn’t my mother tongue but she explains the topic with clear simple words so I could understand it easily. Also, the illustrations in the video made it even more clear, so I could get the point. Finally, the checklist was a valuable tool while working on my bio. — Skye Cascadea on Build A Better Bio

Christina Katz has earned my trust in a hundred different ways over the years: as a teacher, as a writer, and as an honorable individual in service of our creative world. As soon as I heard she had produced this course, I signed up and took it. — Michaele Shapiro on Build A Better Bio

Christina Katz’s Build a Better Bio course is a well-thought out learning experience that resulted in a clear, structured bio that I can use in multiple places. The first exercise got me thinking about all that I do as a professional, looking at the big picture, and subsequent exercises taught me how to capture the essence of the big picture with more concise language. I have already used my new bio on my website, when I submit articles for publication, and on social media platforms. Having a clear bio has helped in other ways too. I have tuned my elevator speech and spoken with more clarity and confidence about what I do at networking events and during every day exchanges. — Sara Marchesault on Build A Better Bio

Thank you, Christina, for creating such a valuable, high quality course that delivers more than it promises. — Deborah Hart on Build A Better Bio

The lessons, examples, and exercises in Expressive At Home: Exercises To Skyrocket Your Creativity provided a much-needed reconnection with my home. The step-by-step modules offered fresh insights on how to freshen up my physical spaces while shifting my perspective to see things differently too. Like a gift to the self, I couldn’t wait to dip into the next module each day. Every suggested activity was doable, affordable, and exciting to complete. I highly recommend Expressive At Home: Exercises To Skyrocket Your Creativity. It’s made a big difference in my home in just 10 days! ~ Debra Mars, Creativity and Writing Coach

This is a great course! The length of the videos is just right. I had been feeling stuck and too busy to decorate. I often felt like I did not even know what my taste was. It was amazing how Expressive At Home hit on all of the ways I was feeling and addressed my needs. My house lacks personal expression but now I feel like I can easily become more expressive at home. ~ Sarah Yale, Journalist

All of the lessons in Expressive At Home encourage change from the inside out. Then end results are up to us to discover. I especially liked how personal the content felt and hearing about your personal experiences and processes. I can imagine your satisfaction from bringing flowers in from your garden, I can imagine you making a cup of tea while you take one of your hourly breaks, and I can imagine your family coming home and feeling supported by the focal arrangement that featured images from their play. I am already applying some of your insights spontaneously with surges of energy that urge me onward. Thank you! ~ Diane Turner Maller, Journalist and Tutor

A home should be a place that feels like a refreshing, nourishing retreat after a busy day navigating an often stressful, unpredictable world. Our homes provide the perfect canvas for expressing who we are and what we value most in our lives. Christina’s Expressive at Home course offers an assortment of inspiring, multi-sensory ideas that quickly helped me discover playful, surprising and inexpensive ways to chase the cobwebs off of tired shelves, rejuvenate cluttered rooms and reinvigorate my creative spirit. I’ve already started integrating Christina’s ideas into my home and can feel my creativity expanding in all areas of my life. ~ Christa Melnyk Hines, Journalist, Author and Connection Expert